Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Aging Population Problem

So Prime Minister, our aging population is a major problem for your budgeting?
Don’t you worry about that now…
But I’m an aging baby boomer. I am concerned for my future!
No worries. We have had an enquiry and have a solution.
A solution?
Yes, it’s called the Pacific Solution.
But that’s for Boat People!
And it worked for them! Baby boomers like to travel and we think they will like to spend their retirement years in Asia. They will be much cheaper to support there…. I mean living expenses and medical costs will be far less. The Asians will barely notice a few Australian retirees. I mean our numbers are barely significant compared with their populations. And think of the contribution the wealthy retirees will make to the local economies! There will be no argument.
And if they don’t want to go?
Ah well, we have places we don’t use any more, where we can put them…
You have?

Yes, you know. Inverbrackie, Villawood, Port Augusta, Port Hedland….. and many others!

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