Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black-Out Day (or Changing Religions)

I never really knew him as well as I needed to…
He walked among us but he was different.
He was a man who only said what was necessary.
So many questions with so few answers.
Then the black day arrived, when he was banished from our media life.
Would I live to regret not knowing him better, when the day of judgement arrived?
But then I was overcome with righteous joy!
On the third day he would be resurrected in a different incarnation.
He would be the way, the truth and the light would shine brightly on all his words and deeds…
And we would all know who he really was…

And we will hold hands as one and he will preach peace and unity…
We will be in awe of his power…..
And he will gather his disciples close to him and he will cast out the unbelievers
His word will be “The Word” and we will  all walk in his shadow.
He will wash the blood from the seats of power and
He will welcome the money lenders,

For he will be nothing without them…

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